A Tribute to George Bailey: 20 References to It’s a Wonderful Life

Frank Capra’s timeless tale of George Bailey, the richest man in Bedford Falls, became the ultimate Christmas film for generations of cinephiles and, as anticipated, it was referenced frequently in other films through the years. Check below 20 films that feature It’s a Wonderful Life!

1. Home Alone (1990, dir. Chris Columbus)

Home Alone film still 2 Home Alone film still 3

2. Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (1992, dir. Chris Columbus)

Home Alone 2 film still 1 Home Alone 2 film still 2

3. Music of the Heart (1999, dir. Wes Craven)

Music of the Heart film still

4. Bruce Almighty (2003, dir. Tom Shadyac)

Bruce Almighty film still 3 Bruce Almighty film still 4

5. Gremlins (1984, dir. Joe Dante)

Gremlins film still 1 Gremlins film still 2

6. Android (1982, dir. Aaron Lipstadt)

Android film still 3 Android film still 4

7. The Big Picture (1989, dir. Christopher Guest)

The Big Picture film still 3 The Big Picture film still 4

8. National Lamboon’s Christmas Vacation (1989, dir. Jeremiah Chechik)

Christmas Vacations film still 1 Christmas Vacations film still 2

9. Money Train (1995, dir. Joseph Ruben)

Money Train film still 2

10. Look Who’s Talking (1989, dir. Amy Heckerling)

Look Who's Talking film still 2 Look Who's Talking film still 3

11. The Ref (1994, dir. Ted Demme)

The Ref film still 1 The Ref film still 2

12. Meet Dave (2008, dir. Brian Robbins)

Meet Dave film still 2

13. Crash (2004, dir. Paul Haggis)

Crash film still

14. Spiral (2007, dir. Adam Green & Joel David Moore)

Spiral film still 3 Spiral film still 4

15. The Exorcist III (1990, dir. William Peter Blatty)

The Exorcist III film still 2

16. Menace II Society (1993, dir. Albert & Allen Hughes)

Menace II Society film still 1 Menace II Society film still 2

17. Trauma (1993, dir. Dario Argento)

Trauma film still

18. The Majestic (2001, dir. Frank Darabont)

The Majestic film still 2

19. Remote Control (1988, dir. Jeff Lieberman)

Remote Control film still 14

20. Nuovo Cinema Paradiso (1988, dir. Giuseppe Tornatore)

Nuovo Cinema Paradiso film still 63


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