Alone at the Movies

A collection of 25 movie stills featuring lonesome characters who visited a movie theatre hoping to laugh, cry, dream, forget, think or even stalk someone else.


The Player film still

Tim Robbins in The Player (1992, dir. Robert Altman).

Experiment in Terror film still 4

Ned Glass in Experiment in Terror (1962, dir. Blake Edwards).

Vivre sa Vie film still 4

Anna Karina in Vivre sa Vie (1962, dir. Jean-Luc Godard).

Australia film still 7

Brandon Walters in Australia (2008, dir. Baz Luhrmann).

A Good Lawyer's Wife film still 4

So-ri Moon in A Good Lawyer’s Wife (2000, dir. Sang-soo Im).

1941 film still 8

Robert Stack in 1941 (1979, dir. Steven Spielberg).

Sabotage film still 2

Sylvia Sidney in Sabotage (1936, dir. Alfred Hitchcock).

Léon film still 2

Jean Reno in Leon (1994, dir. Luc Besson).

Son of Rambow film still 2

Will Poulter in Son of Rambow (2007, dir. Garth Jennings).

The Green Mile film still 5

Michael Clarke Duncan in The Green Mile (1999, dir. Frank Darabont).

Earthquake film still 3

Victoria Principal in Earthquake (1974, dir. Mark Robson).

Foul Play film still 8

Goldie Hawn in Foul Play (1978, dir. Colin Higgins).

The Purple Rose of Cairo film still 6

Mia Farrow in The Purple Rose of Cairo (1985, dir. Woody Allen).

The Omega Man film still 7

Charlton Heston in The Omega Man (1971, dir. Boris Sagal).

Saving Mr. Banks film still 5

Emma Thompson in Saving Mr. Banks (2013, dir. John Lee Hancock).

Amelie film still

Audrey Tautou in Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amélie Poulain (2001, dir. Jean-Pierre Jeunet).

The Spiral Staircase film still 3

Dorothy McGuire in The Spiral Staircase (1945, dir. Robert Siodmak).

What If film still 3

Daniel Radcliffe in What If (2013, dir. Michael Dowse).

Nuovo Cinema Paradiso film still 6

Salvatore Cascio in Nuovo Cinema Paradiso (1988, dir. Giuseppe Tornatore).

Hannah and her Sisters film still 1

Woody Allen in Hannah and Her Sisters (1986, dir. Woody Allen).

Catch Me If You Can film still 1

Leonardo Di Caprio in Catch Me If You Can (2002, dir. Steven Spielberg).

Public Enemies film still 3

Johnny Depp in Public Enemies (2009, dir. Michael Mann).

Taxi driver film still

Robert De Niro in Taxi Driver (1976, dir. Martin Scorsese).

The Dreamers film still

Michael Pitt in The Dreamers (2003, dir. Bernardo Bertolucci).

The Master film still

Joaquin Phoenix in The Master (2012, dir. Paul Thomas Anderson).



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  1. There is a scene that me and some of my friends are sure we’ve seen and can’t remember where from! It’s someone (we think a girl) watching the scene of Vivre sa Vie where she watches Joan of Arc. Anybody knows this? I can’t find it. Thank you!

  2. The film is Soldate Jeannette (2013) and I’m really looking for it for a while! I watched this in the festival circuit during 2013 – it won the Tiger Award in Rotterdam – and like you said, one of the main characters watches Godard’s film in a cinema in the moment when Karina watches Falconetti in Joan of Arc – three films in one scene!

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