Bleeder film still 1

[A part of Video Stores in Films tribute.]

This is not a common video store. You may ask a question about a film and the employee start saying directors whose films are available in VHS.

Bleeder film still 2 Bleeder film still 3

All films are divided by category…action, drama, comedy. Or by genre, horror, musicals, Westerns, Kung Fu, LSD, Blaxploitation, Beach movies, Women in prison. And upstairs in the big room we’ve put all the directors. Fritz Lang, Sergio Leone, Scorsese, Corbucci, Romero, Fulci, Peckinpah, Rollin, Tourneur, Craven, Carpenter, Jack Hill, Fleischer, Herzog, Morrissey, Ed Wood, Waters, Suzuki, Kubrick, Fellini, Hitchcock, Siegel, Lynch, Jodorowsky, Lustig, Melchior, Orson Welles, Honda, David Lynch, John Woo, Jackie Chan, Russ Meyer, Abel Ferrara, Joe D’Amato, Fisher, Hooper, H.G. Lewis, Lenzi, Tarantino, Kurosawa, Franco, Corman, Cohn, Deodato, Bava, Jack Arnold, Whale.

The customer just asked about Wes Craven’s The Hills Have Eyes (1977).

Bleeder film still 4

Later, a client gets a VHS tape of Joe Giannone’s Madman (1982).

Bleeder film still 5

Visible films: Ken Wiederhorn’s Shock Waves (1977), Tobe Hooper’s Lifeforce (1985) and a poster of Edward D. Wood’s Bride of the Monster (1955).

Scenes from Nicolas Winding Refn’s Bleeder (1999).


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