Muriel’s Wedding

Muriel's Wedding film still 1[A part of Video Stores in Films tribute.]

Sydney, the city of brides. Muriel (Toni Collette) starts her new life working as a video store clerk in Videodrama.

Muriel's Wedding film still 2A loyal customer is waiting for the right time to ask her for a date. While waiting, posters and VHS covers are shown. The posters above him are Barbet Schroeder’s Single White Female (1992), Frank Oz’s HouseSitter (1992) and Donald Crombie/Ken Hannam’s Robbery Under Arms (1985). The best visible of all tapes is Etore Scola’s Le Bal (1983).

Muriel's Wedding film still 3More VHS tapes. Andrew Davis’  Under Siege (1992) and Roland Joffé’s City of Joy (1992) are clearly visible.

Muriel's Wedding film still 4Fred Zinnemann’s A Man for All Seasons (1966).

Muriel's Wedding film still 5At the shop front, we can see the poster of Sally Potter’s Orlando (1992) and in the shop there are posters of David Parker’s Hercules Returns (1993) and Baz Luhrmann’s Strictly Ballroom (1992).

Scenes from P.J. Hogan’s Muriel’s Wedding (1994).


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