Super 8 (II)

Super 8 film still 3Who knows what was J.J. Abrams thinking while placing those references. If you think about it, it’s not really a surprising fact. The story of the film is taking place in 1979 and the main characters are children, obsessed with cinema, and amateur filmmakers, so Star Wars objects could be found in their rooms. The most obvious reference is the iconic poster of the first film from George Lucas’ epic space opera, which is clearly visible in Joe’s room.

Super 8 film still 1 Super 8 film still 2Two more Star Wars references are shown. There is also a small poster in Charles’ room of “The movie that has become a legend”. Back in Joe’s room, a poster of Star Wars Spectacular, a Famous Monsters Magazine special issue printed in 1977, is seen.

George Lucas’  Star Wars (1977) in J.J. Abrams’  Super 8 (2011).

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