Taxi film still 1

A night at the movies. A fictional film titled Her Hour of Love is presented as “Greatest picture of all time” – Citizen Kane hasn’t been made yet.

Taxi film still 1 Taxi film still 3Taxi film still 4

At the lobby, a couple is wondering why John Barrymore is mad. Poster of Michael Curtiz’s The Mad Genius (1931).

Taxi film still 5 Taxi film still 6 Taxi film still 7 Taxi film still 8

Finally, inside the theatre we are watching the “Greatest film of all time”. It’s a scene from an actual film that starred Donald Cook and Evalyn Knapp whose names are shown at the marquee. The film is Roy Del Ruth’s Side Show (1931) – a director’s self-reference as he is also the director of this film.

Scenes from Roy Del Ruth’s Taxi! (1932).


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