Loulou film still 7


Sylvia Kristel was the first choice for the leading role but she turned it down, though we can see her in Loulou through the...
Serenity film still


On two of Mr. Universe’s screens, there is the same shot of Charles Middleton, as the Emperor Ming in Flash Gordon movie serials. His...
The Dreamers II film still 2

The Dreamers (II)

During the revolutionary spirit of 1968, Godard is an obvious influence to the cinephile characters of the film....
La femme d'à côté film still 1

La femme d’à côté

The couple watches David Lynch’s The Elephant Man (1980), its poster and title are partially shown in the first and second picture. Two more...
Café Society film still 4

Café Society

Jesse Eisenberg goes twice at the movies in Woody Allen’s new film. The first time, he’s watching alone...
Natural Born Killers film still 6

Natural Born Killers

I’ve been thinking about why they ‘re making all these stupid movies. Brian De Palma’s Scarface (1983,...
The Hand That Rocks the Cradle film still 3

The Hand That Rocks the Cradle

– Mom neverlets me watch these movies. – That’s why we have to keep it a secret. Victor Halperin’s White Zombie (1932) in Curtis...
Away We Go film still 2

Away We Go

Von Trapp wannabes. Robert Wise’s The Sound of Music (1965) in Sam Mendes’  Away We Go (2009).
Time Out for Murder film still

Time Out for Murder

Product placement from Fox. Allan Dwan’s Josette (1938) in H. Bruce Humberstone’s Time Out for Murder (1938).
Leila film still 4


The effect of a classic scene in viewers’ faces. David Lean’s Doctor Zhivago (1965) in Dariush Mehrjui’s Leila (1997).


Sylvia Kristel was the first choice for the leading role but...
Loulou film still 7