Pet film still 2


Night shift. George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead (1968) in Carles Torrens’  Pet (2016).
The Patriarch film still 4

The Patriarch

Complete entertainment. A horse rider rushes in the movie theatre where a western is shown. Delmer Daves’  3:10...
A Monster Calls film still 2

A Monster Calls

– What a bunch of assholes.Why are they trying to kill King Kong? – People don’t like what...
Southside with You film still 7

Southside with You

– What’s the matter? – Be careful. I feel a riot coming on. Spike Lee’s Do the Right Thing (1989) in Richard Tanne’s Southside...
El escarabajo film still 3

El escarabajo

“Real” movie theatre supports Hollywood stars and European auteurs. Howard Zieff’s Private Benjamin (1980) and Ingmar Bergman’s Face...
Choking Man film still 1

Choking Man

Jorge, an Ecuadorian immigrant in New York, faces the annoying comments of his “roommate”, probably a non-existent character who...
Gone Girl 3

Gone Girl

Bill Murray being trapped in the same day vs The Amazing Amy Case? Piece of cake. Harold Ramis’  Groundhog Day (1993) in David Fincher’s...
Une Femme Mariée film still

Une Femme Mariée

Cinema at Orly Airport. Alfred Hitchcock’s Spellbound (1945) in Jean-Luc Godard’s Une Femme Mariée (1964).
Night Must Fall film still

Night Must Fall

This week’s movie includes an all-star cast but in Pavilion Cinema at Hoddesdon they care only for the Englishman. John Sturges’  The Great Escape (1963) in Karel Reisz’s...
The Gay Divorcee film still

The Gay Divorcee

Opening scene. Paris. Raymond Bernard’s Les Misérables (1934) in Mark Sandrich’s The Gay Divorcee (1934).