Films in Films started as a game and became a personal obsession. Now it is a project, to collect as many in-film references as possible.

Here you will find screenshots of film scenes featuring:

  • cinema marquees
  • cinema screens
  • posters
  • VHS/DVD/BD covers
  • TV screens
  • any other title references

This is a non-profit project. All rights remain with the owner(s) of the film material shown.

Feel free to submit your own ideas, by using the contact form.


Project Creator: Tasos Melemenidis

Contributed posts by: Paul Jesson, Fernando Vallejo, Ruth Pérez Chaves, @ChoonyFish, Lou Lumenick, Yannis Vasiliou, Impressions from Moon, Katerina P. Trichia, Marianna Bacoula, Kevin J. Ferguson, Billy Casper, Marc Klein, Jürgen Fauth, Valerio Carradori, Rose Baker, Sebahattin MutluMichael Leader, Hervé Fournier, Pere Koniec, R. Emmet Sweeney, A Long, Tony Paley, Stijn Planckaert, Jake Thompson, Raf Geusens, Ben Shaffer, Simone Tarditi, Albert Galera, Silverlight Gal, Andrew Burke, Daily Flick NY, Karelle FitoussiValentin GuermondJean Marie CareyAl/Alejandro.Stephen Rebello, Alfredo, Francesco Sergio, Royal, adrak, Tatjana SL, Anton Bitel, curmudgeon!, Michael J. Davidson, Doug Fresh, El Moralista, Daniel Trapiello.

Sunset Blvd. film still