Posters from a Galaxy Far, Far Away

As the whole world is getting ready for The Force Awakens, take a look on seven stills from (sometimes very unexpected) films that feature a poster from the Star Wars saga.

Argo film still 4

Argo (2012, dir. Ben Affleck)

La tía Alejandra film still

La tía Alejandra (1980, dir. Arturo Ripstein)

Human Traffic film still

Human Traffic (1999, dir. Justin Kerrigan)

Yi Yi film still

Yi Yi (2000, dir. Edward Yang)

Labor Day film sill

Labor Day (2013, dir. Jason Reitman)

The King of Comedy film sitll

The King of Comedy (1982, dir. Martin Scorsese)

Poltergeist film still

Poltergeist (1982, dir. Tobe Hooper)


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